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Cecil D. Frank Real Estate

Real Estate Agent, Real Estate

Finding the right property at the right price!

Cecil D. Frank Real Estate's Bio:

My name is Cecil Frank (Cecil Darren Frank), a real estate agent with experience working in the Toronto real estate market, and I’d like to connect with you on your next deal. If you’re searching for an agent to buy or sell your GTA property, here’s what I can promise you: - Clear and upfront communication - If a property I find for more buyers is not a perfect match, we’ll move on. -100% client confidentiality - I don’t speak about my clients to anyone else, even my family and friends. - Knowledge of the market - My goal is and has always been to be the most knowledgeable, resourceful agent working in the GTA. I study the market religiously and have a complete understanding of pricing and valuation patterns. -24/7 client service - My availability and commitment to reaching a deal for you is not wavering. I am accessible 24/7 for my clients. Finding the perfect deal for millennials in the GTA! We know GTA property has become increasingly expensive. We all know the burden this has placed on the city’s millennials who have faced issues of affordability. I specialize in finding the best deals for today’s millennials. I have a unique ability to understand what millennials are looking for and reach a price point that makes sense for all parties. With more than half a decade of experience in closing real estate deals, my goal is to make each of my clients happy and find the home or property of their dreams. - Cecil Darren Frank (Cecil D. Frank)

Cecil D. Frank Real Estate's Interests & Activities:

real estate, tennis, hiking, cars,

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